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Gore Cable Assembly Builder

Microwave Assembly Part Number


W. L. Gore & Associates has developed and proven a wide range of products specifically tailored to the RF / microwave industry. Since 1976, when Gore first introduced our microwave assemblies, Gore has remained a worldwide leader in providing custom microwave assemblies for demanding applications. Typical applications using GORE & Microwave Assemblies include: test, aerospace, defense, telecommunications and general purpose. With an unmatched history in demanding environments, you may be assured that Gore will provide the reliable products necessary to meet your individual system requirements.

GOREā„¢ Microwave Assemblies provide superior insertion loss, phase stability, and shielding effectiveness. These assemblies offer proven solutions for your low loss, high density, wide bandwidth or high power applications. Gore offers a variety of standard cable and connector options to satisfy the needs of most RF applications from DC to 67 GHz. Applications using these high performance interconnects vary from general purpose lab to military installations on airborne, naval, and land platforms.



Max Frequency GHz70
Impedance Ohms50
Center ConductorSolid
Dielectric Constant (nominal)1.4
Velocity of Propagation0.85
Temperature °C-55 to 125
Nominal Outer Diameter
in. (mm)
Minimum Bend Radius (multiple bends)
in. (mm)
Nominal Weight
g/ft (g/m)
Crush Resistance lb/linear in.50
Typical Insertion Loss dB at 67 GHz-2.1925
Guaranteed Insertion Loss dB at 67 GHz-2.7474
Guaranteed VSWR at 67 GHz1.45:1
Guaranteed Return Loss dB-14.73

Key Features

  • Optimized electrical performance
  • Flexible
  • High-frequency options (up to 67 GHz)

    Key Benefits

  • Increased signal fidelity
  • Easy to route/install
  • Broad bandwidth capability


    Typical Insertion Loss

    Guaranteed Insertion Loss


    Connector A

    Type: Straight, Family: 1.85 mm / V, Sex: Socket (Jack)

    Connector B

    Type: Straight, Family: 1.85 mm / V, Sex: Pin (Plug)
    Disclaimer - Envelope dimensions provided herein are for reference only and are subject to change without notice. Contact Gore with any questions.

    Phone (In USA) : 1-800-445-GORE (800-445-4673) Phone (outside the US) : +1/302-292-5100
    The data in this datasheet applies to standard GORE & Microwave / RF Cable Assemblies and performance may vary based on specific application conditions.